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Rose Well Country House & Spa

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Classic Massage

Massage treatments in Magaliesburg Rose Well Combination Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Classic Massage

Massage Treatments

Whether you opt for the tried and tested Classical Massage treatment, the historically evolved and scientifically proven Aromatherapy Massage, the ever-popular Hot Stone Treatment or the sheer indulgence of combining all three, a massage treatment cannot be passed by when planning your weekend in Magaliesburg

If you have never had a massage treatment, then this is the ideal opportunity to find out for yourself what all the hype is about. If you do enjoy regular massages, then - well, you know that no opportunity should be passed by

Few things in the world can compare to the ultimate relaxation derived from a well-performed, hands-on body massage.

The ultimate relaxation offered by a classic massage has been proven time and again throughout the ages.

By applying a basic carrier oil like Grapeseed, Avocado, Olive or Safflower, the therapist is able to manipulate major muscle groups in order to release tension and leave you feeling relaxed, revived and ready to face the world again.

Back, Neck & Shoulders:

Full Body Massage:

R265 per person

R465 per person

Aromatherapy Massage

Adds a blend of aromatic herbal oils to the proven relaxation of the Classic Massage

At the Rose Well Spa we use pre-blended aromatherapy complexes, researched and blended for optimum relaxation.

Sorry - as some aroma oils can be harm full to unborn babies, we do not perform Aromatherapy Massages on expecting mothers.

Back, Neck & Shoulders:

Full Body Massage:

R285 per person

R485 per person

Hot Stone Massage

There is nothing that can compare to the deep muscle relaxation of a Hot Stone Massage Treatment.

After applying a basic carrier oil, the therapist massage and manipulate selected muscle groups with smooth, hot basalt stones. The heat relaxes the muscle groups from the inside, which allows for a more intense relaxation.

Back, Neck & Shoulders:

Full Body Massage:

R285 per person

R485 per person

Rose Well Combination Massage

By combining the sheer indulgence of an Aromatherapy massage with the intense relaxation of a Hot Stone treatment, there can be only one outcome: Bliss…..

 The Rose Well Combination Massage Treatment is unparalleled in tension-release and all-over pampering.

Back, Neck & Shoulders:

Full Body Massage:

R295 per person

R495 per person

Classic Massage Aromatherapy Massage Hot Stone Massage Rose Well Combination Massage

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