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COVID-19   Safety Measures

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Wear a Mask     *     Practice Social Distancing     *     Use Hand Sanitizer

The Rose Well Countryhouse is implementing the following TBCSA’s Tourism Industry Standard Protocols for COVID-19:


1.       Appoint a Covid-19 Safety Officer

Our owner and manager, Ryan Marsden is qualified and registered with the health professions council as a BAA and has completed various courses on prevention of and dealing with COVID-19


2.       Guests should wear masks

We require all guests or visitors to wear cloth or other suitable masks at all times. Guests do not have to wear masks in the privacy of an accommodation unit or room, while eating and drinking, or when in connected small travel groups in open space situations (e.g. family or friends traveling together).


3.       Guest Check-In

In addition to our regular booking-in form, guests are required to complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire. Temperatures are recorded and cash handling are discouraged.


4.       Luggage

As guest are required to handle their own luggage to move it into or out of, their own vehicle or a separate room/unit/chalet, and it is not entering a shared building or touched by staff, disinfectant is not required


5.       Positive Cases

In the event of a guest showing COVID-19 symptoms and/or has tested positive for COVID-19, we follow detailed protocols to handle the situation, monitored and supervised by our onsite COVID-19 Safety Officer


6.       Rooms & Accommodation Units

We do not offer room service or housekeeping at the moment. Once a guest has checked in, no staff will enter the unit until the guests have checked out. After each booking rooms are closed for a cool-down period of 24 – 48 hours, where after intense cleaning and sanitation methods are implemented. All loose décor items that are not essential for optimum function of the rooms have been removed and regularly touched items get treated with disinfectant.


7.       Food Service & Kitchens

We do not offer any meals. Our kitchen is closed and not accessible to any guests or staff


8.       Staff PPE & Training

As we do not offer any meals, housekeeping, or treatments, we do not have any staff on the premises other than the Owner/Manager Ryan and his wife Salomien Marsden. They have been supplied with PPE’s and sanitisers and are properly instructed in the use there-of.


9.       Social Distancing

The space between any persons in public areas areas is a minimum of 1.5 metres at all times, with two metres preferred, unless the persons concerned are small groups of connected friends or family travelling or staying together.


10.   Sanitising

Appropriate effective disinfectant surface cleaners are used, and hand sanitisers are provided for guests through-out public areas to enable them to sanitise their hands-on arrival and after touching any surfaces.


11.   Ensure good ventilation

The premises are kept well ventilated by natural means


12.   Laundry

Laundry area is regularly sanitised, and laundry is treated with quality detergents on the hottest cycle manageable.


13.   Pools

The indoor pool is closed to the public and outdoor pool are run at optimum chlorine levels.